Do You See Colors When You Close Your Eyes? is playing at SIFF next week. Come and check it out! We are very proud of this film and we hope you can make it out to the screening. Click this link for more info: SIFF Website

We are finishing up our Music Documentary Keep it Cinematic, and are beginning to plan our next episode, which will involve a few Seattle bands and a really cool music collective that is just springing up down south.

Looking to the Future: We are currently refining the script for our next project A Tecate Sunset, and beginning development on a Comedy about a relationship intervention. It will be set and shot in Bellingham, WA.

For more info on a more regular basis, check out LAB's blog: LAB FILMS-NW BLOG

May 2011
Do You See Colors When You Close Your Eyes? is LAB FILMS most recent completed project. Colors is a feature film shot on the Sony EX-1 with the Letus Lens Adapter and 35mm Glass. The film was shot in a very organic and free-flowing style over the course of 7 1/2 days in the beginning of summer and a few picks though the fall. The film was shot entirely in Washington State.

Two years after the death of Jonathan, his fiance, Christian, plans to steal the urn. Christian convinces Michael, Jon's twin, to come along, and they take a road trip, scattering the ashes in all the places Jonathan was never able to see. The two begin an affair in an attempt to understand a part of Jonathan they never knew before.

Sage Price, Sean Frazier, Sarah Davis, Jonathan Bowden & Nolan Deardorf
Written and Directed by Caleb Young and Joshua Young
Cinematography by Cameron Currier and Caleb Young
Produced by Chris Koser and Caleb Young
Edited by Caleb Young and Cameron Currier